Managed Networks

Managed networks built with reliability & support how and when you need it.

Don’t get stuck doing it yourself! 
Let us manage your network!

When your business relies on the Internet our cloud managed networks will ensure a redundancy to all your critical computers, point of sale, medical equipment, alarms, time clocks, surveillance cameras, and any other devices connected to the Internet. Become proactive in managing and monitoring your network infrastructure. 


Secure Firewall

Cloud Controller

Managed Wi-Fi

Outage Alerts


Our tech team constantly looks after your network, stops attacks and updates your firewall with the newest security patches so you never have to worry. 

Your IT Support Team 

Keep all your computers running smoothly.  With IT support, anti-virus & backup management your business, classroom or organization will keep running it’s best.  Our support tam will be on call with remote access to help when you need it.  Quarterly onsite maintenance checks will make managing your network proactive instead of reactive.  Pricing is based on how many computers or terminals you have us maintain.  When you use our IT support we reduce onsite service calls to $65.00 per hour.  Each quarter you receive one free onsite service call and 1 scheduled maintenance checkup plus phone, email, text message & remote access support. Of course you can skip being proactive and only use us on-call at our standard onsite-service call rate of $95.00 per hour for our managed network customers (pricing above) and $120.00 for un-managed customers.


Server Management

Includes AntiVirus Software
Only $25 per month

Managed Backups

Includes Restore Support
Only $25 per month

Computer Support

Includes Remote Access Support
$10 per terminal per month

CCTV Support

Includes Incident Response
$20 per DVR per month

*Set-up fees and hardware costs are additional.